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Network Store

Welcome to the Official SootMC Store!

SootMC is a Multi-Platform Minecraft Network that supports both Java and Bedrock Edition. We started out as a fun place for members of the Wilbur Soot discord to come together as a community and interact, and with time has evolved into a multi-server network with a full fledged staff team, remarkable custom plugins and loads of terrific features! 

The SootMC store is a place for you to improve your personal experience of SootMC, while being able to support and keep SootMC alive! Within our store, we offer special perks and features for different aspects of our server through purchase or donation! These perks can include early-access to our new servers, nicknames, and more! 

Refund Policy

Any purchases made in this store are under a strict no-refund policy. In the event of an attempt to bypass our refund policy via filing a dispute with PayPal and/or your credit card company, your access to the network and related services will be revoked. Being a supporter does not grant you immunity from any disciplinary actions on the server (such as a ban.) In the event of a punishment, a refund will not be provided to you.


Please note that we are in no way affiliated with Mojang AB. Any contributions or purchases made on this store go directly toward the development and upkeep of SootMC. For further information, support and/or purchase history, you can contact us at

By purchasing from this website, you agree to our Terms Of Service.


With a combined total of 192GB of latest-spec ram combined with two of the most powerful AMD CPUs on the market, we can ensure that SootMC is performing at the highest quality possible! If you’re a hardware nerd like us, feel free to look over all our machine specs using the following link; Click Here!

SootMC resets every 5 - 8 months in order to keep the player base excited for new content, and new updates. Most of the time these resets are based around brand new updates from Minecraft (such as the recent 1.16 reset). Unfortunately, in order to keep SootMC alive and able to pay for the extreme resources that it requires, sometimes (depending on time since last reset) SootMC will need to reset all purchases. Nonetheless we will always find a way to make a deal with the community in order to keep everyone happy while being able to keep SootMC alive and running!

Wilbur has been known to occasionally hop on and mess around for a little while on SootMC, However he does not actively play on SootMC.

Upon payment, any purchases made on go back into the Development/Hosting costs & any other expenses of SootMC. In your paypal receipt you may notice that you sent the payment to - This is totally normal as SootMC has now become a subsidiary of DedicatedMC LLC, nonetheless all payments are sent directly to Kayzmayz and therefore invested back into SootMC!